Adlin 9600.03.411 Sigmoidoscope endoscope / straight View larger

Adlin 9600.03.411 Sigmoidoscope endoscope / straight

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The product consists of four parts being, body made of crystal polystyrene (PS) transparent, closed, piston slit format made of polyethylene (PE) pigmented in blue and rod made of crystal polystyrene (PS) Pigmented blue and a white lumen made of polyethylene (PE).

Proximal diameter: 23mm
distal diameter: 20mm
Lumen leight: 44mm
Lumen diameter: 18mm
Body length: 280mm
Rod body length: 325mm
Ferrule piston format: Loophole

Suitable for use in anorectal examination, to examine the regions of the anus, rectum and final portion of the large intestine. The rectoscope helps on the diagnosis of simple diseases, such as hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas or major ones, such as chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer and polyps (a tumor).

Comercial presentation:
Non Sterile – packed envelope polypropylene (BOPP).