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ATMOS ENT surgery endoscopy column

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Innovation right before your eyes the strength is in the details.

The ATMOS Endoscopy and Stroboscopy system is the first stand-alone and installation system that has been especially developed to meet the requirements of ENT specialists a system, in which your requirements have been taken into consideration to the smallest detail!
It is not the optical characteristics alone that count it is the system solution. The ATMOS system provides you with all the components you need for endoscopy and stroboscopy in the ENT field.

ATMOS Endoscopy System

Perfectly harmonised components create an image quality that is unmatched. Harmoniously integrated in the trolley that has been specially designed for the Endoscopy System. For a long time now, the energy-saving LED technology has been consistently improving. For the first time it is now ahead of halogen technology also with regard to the luminous efficiency. It is no wonder that ATMOS is making use of the LED technology for the endoscopic and stroboscopic systems ATMOS is the pioneer of this technology in the ENT medical technology!

ATMOS Stroboscopy System

Lots of light, sharp images, clean presentation due to the LED technology, soundless stroboscopy, without reduction, together with vocal fold diagnostic investigation with nonflickering pilot light, freeze image and slow motion mode is now possible.